You can accuse us of protectionism and think that all our judgments about pricing are sheer nonsense, they say they are forcing you to buy an expensive grill. But think about one simple moment. The grill is not an essential item.


Best gas grills under $500 Free ITIL 4 books
What is the Best gas grills under $500 - 2022 review

You are buying not just a device for cooking, but an accessory that brings family and friends together; changes the concept of outdoor recreation, adds comfort and variety to it. And this investment of money is not for a year or two. This is a longer term investment. Choosing a grill is like buying a car: within our budget, we always try to get the most comfortable and technologically advanced model that will give us new emotions. This is a rational investment in a quality thing, in your own comfort.

Premium brands give great warranties on their grills, up to a lifetime. It is unlikely that manufacturers just do it just to attract buyers. Warranty and service support is also a significant factor to consider when choosing.

It is important to note that a combination of factors, far from just one price, speaks of a good grill.


When choosing the best gas grills under 500, many people ask themselves the question: how many burners should it have? The answer is simple: the more burners, the more functional the grill, the more techniques you can cook on it. Accordingly, the menu will be more diverse. For example, in order for the grill to work well in convection mode, a model with four main burners is optimal (although skeptics will say that three is enough).

The main burners are those that are located inside the oven under the grill grate. Often, grill descriptions list the total number of burners, which also includes the burner on the side shelf of the grill, as well as the back burner for the skewer (located in the grill oven). The last two are very important, since on the side shelf, outside the oven, you can cook soup or pasta, make sauce, cook in a wok, etc., that is, do not occupy the oven, in which juicy meat can be baked for a long time.

For many, the dream is to cook something on a spit. It has a particular impact on buyers when choosing a gas grill. The picture, when a large piece of meat slowly rotates on a spit, which exudes a magical aroma and expires with juice, gives rise to special emotions. Therefore, the special rear burner for the skewer plays a special role in the gas grill.

So, on four burners it is already possible to bake meat, poultry, make pastries, etc. more evenly - there are a lot of interesting recipes. Even a thick and juicy rib-eye will turn out perfect if you first fry it at a high temperature in direct heat (above the burners), on the right side of the grate, and then transfer it to the left side and let it cook for several minutes in indirect heat (there are no burners under it). should be lit, they are still working on the right side of the oven). The result will amaze you. And the longer the grid (of course, within reasonable limits), the better this technique works.

Napoleon Prestige PRO-500

The Napoleon Prestige PRO-500 gas grill with six burners and a 71x46 cm grate is one of the most common grill sizes, optimally designed for 4-6 people. The infrared burner for steaks is placed on his left table; on the right - a plastic container made of food-grade plastic for ingredients or for ice, in which you can put bottles of beer; as well as a cutting board.

Large tables will allow you to place plates or even arrange a small buffet on them, unless, of course, you use a burner and a container. Along the contour are chrome railings on which you can hang a towel, as well as hooks for tools.

In the cabinet below, on one side, a cylinder is installed, on the other, there is a pair of shelves for dishes or accessories. Although the space is small, the solution is convenient.

You can, of course, devote another two or three paragraphs to how delicious meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc. are obtained in this grill; how convenient it is and what aesthetic pleasure it delivers, but we will formulate it briefly. In terms of what the Napoleon Prestige PRO-500 is capable of and how it looks, it can be safely called the ideal option among devices designed for 4-6 people. Very balanced grill in premium performance.