There are no ideal laptops “for all occasions”: models are chosen for specific tasks. For example, it’s easy to outline a few basic criteria for a good laptop for computer science students.


Best Laptops For Computer Science Students Free ITIL 4 books
How to choose the Best Laptops For Computer Science Students in 2022?
  • Powerful processor. Without it, nowhere, because all the main tasks require high performance.
  • RAM from 8 GB. 16 is better, because 8 in 2022 is already just a necessary minimum.
  • SSD from 256 GB. Preferably fast, with M.2 NVMe - for example, the speed of compilation and code execution depends on its speed.

The requirements for the presence of a discrete video card, screen size and other characteristics may be different. Let's say someone will fit a 14-inch model for different locations, and someone sits at home all day and prefers 15.6 inches. We have selected several suitable options for computer science students: best laptops for computer science students.

What to choose: Mac or Windows

It is difficult to immediately answer the question of which operating system is better - Mac or Windows. The choice is influenced by many factors, including personal preferences, experience and required programming languages.

If specialists have always worked with one platform, then switching to another can be problematic. But still, it can be argued that these two platforms can be considered almost equal in terms of software and functionality, but many still prefer Windows.

On a note! A Mac laptop can last a little longer, allowing you to use it for a long time.

Mac is provided only in Apple models and surpasses Windows in matters of optimization. But if we talk about the price of laptops with the same configuration, then devices with Windows 10 are more attractive.

See website as well.

Macbook Pro 16

The new model is perfect for those who do not like any restrictions and keep up with the times. This is a powerful machine from Apple. Main characteristics:

  • Display 16 inches. A resolution of 3072 by 1920 pixels and a bright display make the workflow more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Quality build.
  • A fast processor responsible for maintaining high performance over time.
  • Capacious battery. In standby mode, the battery can last up to 1 month, with active use - up to 12 hours. This autonomy allows you to use the laptop outside the home, without fear that it will quickly be discharged.
  • Improved full-size keyboard with backlit keys and touchpad.
  • Large amount of memory. RAM - up to 64 GB, built-in - up to 8000 GB. Uninterrupted work is guaranteed even when working with several programs at once and creating several projects.

This laptop for computer science will be appreciated by any professional user.

Who uses Computer Science

  • Developers, especially high-level developers. You don't need a deep understanding of computer science to start programming, but as you develop, you need algorithms, theoretical knowledge and an understanding of how computers and networks work. All of this applies to Computer Science. A developer in any field may find it necessary to know it.
  • High-level systems architects and analysts who work with concepts relevant to CS.
  • Engineers who work with computer technology in data centres or lay out networks, system administrators and other specialists.
  • Scientists who study computer science as a fundamental, scientific discipline. They may also be involved in theoretical computer science or discrete mathematics. They are, for example, teachers at higher education institutions or other theoretical professionals.