The rotation of the canvas is due to the movements of the user's legs. The advantage is that there is no risk of not calculating the forces.


Best Treadmill For Under 1000 Free ITIL 4 books
2022 Best Treadmill For Under 1000 - how to choose?

Mechanical DFC T40 with folding design

  • low price;
  • weight - only 21 kg;
  • unlimited speed.

The folding mechanical Best Treadmill For Under 1000 of the presented units for home use is the lightest, weighing 21 kg. Equipped with an adjustable magnet that improves the smoothness of the belt, and also allows you to diversify your workout. Running speed is not limited, can be used for walking. The device can withstand up to 100 kg. The canvas is compact, narrow - 34x95 cm, suitable for people of average build and height.

The handrails are equipped with heart rate monitors, the measurement results are visible on the console screen.

The angle of inclination can be adjusted manually in two positions. The monochrome display shows time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned. For ease of transportation there are rollers.

Types of treadmills

Devices differ in different parameters.

According to the principle of operation, the following types of treadmills are distinguished:

Simple mechanical treadmill

The construction is solid, there is practically nothing to break in it. The device is autonomous, it can be used where there are problems with electricity. For example, install on the veranda of a country house. The disadvantage is the lack of cushioning, which creates additional stress on the joints. The mechanics does not differ in a large set of functions, and here it is possible to adjust the load only approximately.

Magnetic treadmill

Similar units are also mechanical, but more convenient. The built-in magnet regulates the movement of a cloth that gives more uniform course. Smooth sliding is ensured by the fact that the drive magnetizes the tape, pulling it along the length. Magnetic trainers do not require recharging, but have most of the disadvantages of mechanics: Treadmills.

Electrical treadmill

In devices of this type, the load is not regulated by the user himself, but by an electric motor controlled by a microcomputer. On the display, you can set the training program. The devices are multifunctional, high depreciation parameters. But they are large, heavy, tied to a power source.

If depreciation qualities are important to you, you should prefer an electrical appliance, although these are more expensive than mechanical ones.

How to choose a simulator for the weight and height of the user

When deciding which treadmill to choose for home use, check the manufacturer's weight limit. The wear of the frame, belt, electric motor of the device depends on this indicator. You need to choose the unit with a margin: you should add twenty kilograms to the weight of the heaviest user.

It is important to take into account the height of the running person. This depends on the size of the canvas. After all, the higher the person, the greater the length of the step. This value must be estimated when choosing a simulator for growth. The average length for people up to 180 cm is recommended at 120 cm. For shorter users, a shorter track is suitable.

The width of the canvas varies from 32 to 60 centimeters. Here, the choice of the unit is influenced by the complexion of the trainee, because a person with broad shoulders or hips is unlikely to be comfortable running in a “narrow corridor”. If the path is selected exclusively for walking, this value can be neglected. The same applies to the thickness of the canvas: a couple of centimeters is enough for walking, and for running marathons it is better to take a denser option.

Treadmill built-in programs

When choosing a treadmill, evaluate the functionality of the proposed model.

The main programs include not only measuring "distance", time and speed, but also:

  • Measurement of pulse rate. A strong increase is dangerous to health, and a low level reduces the effectiveness of classes.
  • Interval training. The alternation of intensive and reduced loads is supposed. The program is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system and increasing endurance, useful for weight loss.
  • Calorie consumption calculation. Allows you to control body weight - burn kilocalories gained per day.
  • "Hills". There is a change in the angles of inclination so that there is an imitation of walking over rough terrain. This increases the load, more muscle groups are involved.

If the track is not equipped with a wireless heart rate monitor, you have to periodically hold on to the handrails on which the sensors are located. This is not always convenient.

Among the additional programs, a fitness test is popular to assess the level of physical fitness. With the help of a cardiosensor, measurements are taken, which are compared with the standard ones at the end of classes. Discrepancies show the degree of fitness of the body. Also often used include the additional program "Quick Start". It allows you to start training immediately after pressing a key. Suitable for warming up before strength exercises or intensive cardio training.

Many simulators are now equipped with fat analyzers. The Body Fat score shows the level of body fat in body tissues. If you regularly monitor changes, you can really see positive changes - a decrease in the proportion of fat. If there are problems with this indicator, you should pay attention to whether the simulator is equipped with this program.