I'm not interested in match odds, they will be generated in real time depending on the amount bet on one team or another.


How we set up a website dedicated to football betting tips Free ITIL 4 books
How difficult is it to set up a betting site on your own, from scratch?

Sp you have studied html and css and have read the basics of js...

What's the best way to do everything?

A variant to do on request, but turnkey sites are quite expensive as I understand. Therefore, the expensive option does not suit me.

Another option. Make myself a layout, and the rest will do someone else for a fee. But here it is not clear how much it will cost, and whether they will take it.

The cheapest option, but the most complicated - to do everything yourself. It seems that the creation of a site is not so difficult. But if you look at the scripts written for the site of some, they are quite large, and how to do this by yourself I do not understand. Or in such cases, take something ready and adjusted for himself? Also the server part, which at the moment I do not understand at all, what is done and why.

How realistic is it to implement this project yourself?

I understand the theme a little bit and I am confused by your "I am not interested in odds for matches, they will be formed in real time depending on the amount bet on one team or another. As far as I know, bookmakers are very developed now - there are a lot of events on which you can bet - not just the outcome of the match. The data for events and odds to buy is about several thousand dollars a month. Plus, you have to budget for expenses in the first few months, because there are pitfalls. By yourself - you need to hire at least a few people for this business.

I.e. make a simple site with bets on the outcome - it is, by my standards, very simple. But to attract people there will be very difficult, because your competitors will all be much more interesting, which can't be done without money. And do you have at least ~ $ 1000 for advertising a month (and the profits you'll see, at best, in a year)? Are you prepared to take that risk?


At the expense of design, given that you have no experience, it's also unlikely to get something good. Well, even if you do decide to do yourself, the site is likely to get bumpy and clumsy. Again, because of the experience. Unrealistic to make the first time cool.

There is a sea of ready-made solutions for this case. If you do not have money, go on warez and look for a broken version. Then patch the holes so that the data was not stolen. And then you can apply your knowledge of frontend languages and make your own layout of the site. But you need a clear T3 to understand where to go and what to do and read.
and google Best Betting Sites in India - The sea of templates, at least to understand what you need.

HTML, css and js

HTML, css and js are not enough. You need another backend to work with - php, python, ruby on rails, parser... As an alternative, you will need Node.js. But for a complex project you will also need knowledge of databases.