This detailed guide to the advantages and disadvantages of different bathtubs will help you to avoid being persuaded by salesmen to make the right choice.


Which bathtub to choose so you won't regret it? Free ITIL 4 books
Which bathtub to choose so you won't regret it?

Bath size

Many people dream of a luxurious two-person corner bathtub with a Jacuzzi tub and built-in radio. But a typical bathroom is only 3 to 6 square metres. And on them, as a rule, you still need to put a sink, washing machine and cabinets for cosmetics. So your spa dreams need to be weighed against the possibilities of the room where the bath will stand.

And you need to consider the following parameters:

  • Height of the bathtub on the side. The height of 65-70 cm is considered optimal. But if there are children, the elderly or people with disabilities in the family, it is worth considering a lower bath or on very small legs.
  • Bowl depth. It is the distance from the rim or overflow hole to the bottom. A depth of 50-60 centimetres is considered optimal. Here it is important that the water completely cover the person lying in the bathtub.
  • Length and width of the bathtub. They are selected on the basis of the size of the bathroom and the individual requirements of the family members. For a person 160-180 cm tall, who is not inclined to be overweight, a bowl width of 70-80 cm and a length of 150-180 cm is considered as optimal.

Certain limitations on size are also imposed by the materials of baths. Cast-iron baths, for example, are generally 150 or 170 cm long and 70 cm wide. Small tubs which are 100-120 cm long are often made of steel, while angular or asymmetric baths are made only of acrylic. Also, the process of is different.

Bathtub types

By material, bathtubs are divided into cast iron, steel, acrylic, kvaril and ceramic. In this article, we'll talk about the first three, as they are the most popular.

How can I distinguish real acrylic from fake?

It is virtually impossible to visually distinguish between quality acrylic and fake acrylic. A fake will show itself in a few months or years - the tub will turn yellow or discolour, be covered by an indelible scum, crack, etc. The only way out is to look at the manufacturer's reputation and prices.

Suggest an inexpensive whirlpool bath

Quality massage systems, like any other options, are expensive. With a limited budget you should not buy Chinese (cheap and low-quality) add-ons - they are unlikely to meet expectations.