HAIBIKE is a German bicycle manufacturer. On the market since 1995. The product line includes models for recreation, the city, competitions and professional mountain transport. CUBE is a German company that has been selling goods since 2013. Today it has a well-established production and sales in more than 33 countries around the world.


Best electric bike under $2000 Free ITIL 4 books
2022 update: Choosing The Best electric bike under $2000

STARK E-Jam 20.1V (2020)

One of the best electric bikes for the city. Firstly, it folds, so it is convenient to take it to the upper floors and store it. In addition, the weight of the model is only 20 kg. The design is lightweight, as the frame is made of aluminum. Secondly, the power reserve is 50 km, so the battery will last for several trips without recharging. The bike can reach speeds up to 30 km/h. The disadvantages include the lack of depreciation. The manufacturer used a rigid suspension, so the pits on the road will be noticeable. Also questions arise to the brake system. Buyers are advised to be careful at high speed. Despite this, the https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/ is excellent value for money.

HIPER Engine BF200

Inexpensive, but reliable bike. A common problem with electric models is that the trunk is occupied by the battery. Here it is free, so it is suitable for transporting goods around the city. The frame is steel, not aluminum, which makes the bike heavy. Its weight is 25 kg. However, the model itself is compact, as the wheels are 20-inch. It is worth considering that you will often have to dismount in front of curbs. Engine power is 250 watts. Not the highest figure in our rating, but this will be quite enough for the city. The battery is small, so without recharging it will be possible to drive a maximum of 30 km. A V-Brake is used as a front brake, a disc is at the rear.

Bicycle: the beginning

The invention of the bicycle as we know it, and equipping it with a semblance of electric propulsion, took place within one century. However, this was preceded by almost 400 years of attempts to assemble a vehicle powered without any additional assistance.

According to the International Bicycle Foundation (IBF), in 1418, the Italian engineer Giovanni Fontana built a device with four wheels, which were driven by a rope connected to them by a cogwheel.

There is also a myth about a certain drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, which depicts an almost modern bicycle. However, studies prove that the sketches, unexpectedly found in 1974, are fake.

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