UX (English user experience) literally means "user experience". In a broader sense, this is the concept of all the experience that a user gets when interacting with a site or application.


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UX (English user experience) literally means "user experience"

UX agencies in Chicago are responsible for the function, the adaptability of the product, and the emotions it evokes in the users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and take the targeted action.

UX designers in Chicago

UX design is designing an interface based on research on user experience and behavior.

Some designers think that UX is only about how the site or application works. In fact, the user experience is not limited to this. For example, if a client left a request, but did not receive a confirmation SMS or a call from a manager, these are symptoms of bad UX.

UX is the experience of working with the interface. The user experience depends on various components: site architecture, graphic design, clear text, and responsiveness of the interface to specific user actions.

Because user experiences are abstract, UX design involves learning about their habits, prototyping behavior, and testing. All this work is done by the UX designer.

A UX designer (user experience designer) is a designer who studies user needs, builds logical schemes for the interface, tests prototypes on the target audience and draws up a technical task for a UI designer.

The best UI/UX design agency Chicago is a marketing firm that studies user experience: studies analytics, thinks over the connections between interface elements and their location, and prepares terms of reference for editors. And based on research, he develops the most effective prototype.

What is UI design

UI (English user interface) is translated as "user interface". And not necessarily just graphic: tactile, voice or sound. We will only look at the graphical interface, as designers mainly work with it.

UI design is a prototype rendering process that was developed based on user experience and target audience research.

UI design includes work on the graphical part of the interface: animations, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos and fonts.

The UI designer determines the color palette and the location of objects in the interface: is it convenient to click "Order", is the drop-down menu working correctly, is it easy to fill out a form, is the text readable from a smartphone, what message does the site give out for a particular action.

UI-designer (English user interface designer) - an interface designer who renders a working prototype, draws buttons, icons, forms and other components and assembles them into a harmonious working layout.

The UI designer is responsible for how the product interface looks and how the user interacts with its elements. To do this, it is necessary to competently organize the interface elements and maintain the same style and logic of their interaction.

The main task of a UI designer is to help the user quickly and stress-free understand how to use a product: a website, an application, a program, a payment terminal, a microwave oven or a TV remote control. For this, the designer makes sure that the interface meets the basic requirements.