The main idea is to compose an algorithm and translate it into a programming language. Development gurus often recommend that you start developing a program by answering the question: “Can this task be implemented programmatically?”.


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What is the Best keyboard for programming?


This article describes the basic constructs in programming and is intended for those who want to understand it. But the article does not describe all the nuances, because there are too many of them. If you describe them all, it will be very tedious and incomprehensible. ... In this example, we used a binary number with eight digits, in other words, an eight-digit number. The more digits the number has, the more value it can hold. For example, an eight-digit number holds a maximum value of 255, if you count zero, then 256, and in programming, zero is always considered. If you increase the bit by one, you get a nine-digit number and its capacity will double, that is, it will become 512. But this is never done in programming, and usually each next bit depth is doubled - see Best mechanical keyboard for programming for example.

Best mechanical keyboard for programming

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