While the built-in GPS-receiver allows him to control his speed and mark the necessary points on the map - for example, a successful bite, the start and end points of the trip. Among the features of the model is a bright 5-inch screen, the picture on which is clearly visible even in bright sunlight, and 8000 sq. km of maps created using proprietary software from Garmin.


Humminbird vs Lowrance vs Garmin Free ITIL 4 books
Choosing the best fish finder: Lowrance vs Garmin fishfinder 2022

The best all-around fish finders

Most manufacturers are moving towards universal models. Some people think that a device cannot be good in everything. Indeed, absolutely everything can not. There is no ideal model. Everyone is good in their own way. But universal models are able to perform more functions and fulfill more requirements at the highest level. Therefore, in most cases, a universal fish finder will clearly not be a mistake, like they say here https://emergesocial.net/best-fish-finder/.

Deeper Smart fish finder PRO+ (Wifi + GPS)

The convenience of this fish finder is one of the main reasons why buyers choose it. Refers to wireless portable devices, works with a smartphone or tablet. The sensor has a GPS module that improves the clarity of the image of the bottom topography. The model is very compact. Without recharging, it works for the spirit of the day.


  • two beams;
  • food - from batteries / accumulators;
  • operating temperature - from -20 to 40 ° C.


  • Accurately defines the structure of the bottom.
  • All information can be obtained on the smartphone screen.
  • There are no wires.


  • High price.

Very compact. Easy to set up and operate. Allows literally within a few minutes to get an idea of ​​the bottom topography. The design is minimalistically self-sufficient. The app is also intuitive: Wikipedia: Fish finder.

Lowrance HOOK2

Lowrance HOOK2 4x GPS Bullet (000-14014-001, 000-14015-001). It is distinguished by ease of navigation, which instantly reacts to the appearance of a sufficient number of fish. Increased sensitivity of the sensor to movement, and at a depth of up to 150 meters. Can be used in winter.


  • scanning depth - up to 152 m;
  • one beam;
  • peak power - 200 W;
  • fastening type - stationary;
  • mains supply 12 V;
  • operating temperature - from -15 to 55 ° C.


  • The presence of a screen backlight.
  • 1000 waypoints.
  • The presence of a sound notification when fish are detected.
  • High accuracy GPS.


  • Mains power only.
  • Only one beam.

Easy to use, attractive design, the necessary set of functions is present, everything works fine.