Secret dating app icons are icons that are used by dating apps to disguise their true nature or purpose.


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There are several types of secret dating app icons

These icons are often used by individuals who want to keep their dating life private, or by those who are in relationships and do not want their partner to find out about their activities on dating apps.

There are several types of secret dating app icons, and they vary from app to app. Some of the most common secret dating app icons include the following.

Discreet secret dating app Icon

Many dating apps offer the option to change their app icon to a more discreet design, so that it does not appear as a dating app on the user's phone. For example, a dating app might change its icon to look like a weather app or a news app, to avoid detection by someone who might be snooping through the user's phone.

Invisible secret dating app Icon

Some dating apps offer the option to hide the app icon altogether, so that it does not appear on the user's phone at all. This is typically done through a "stealth mode" or "incognito mode" option in the app settings.

Fake Calculator secret dating app Icon

Another common secret dating app icon is the fake calculator icon. This is a design that makes the dating app look like a calculator app, so that it does not arouse suspicion if someone sees it on the user's phone.

Secret Code secret dating app Icon

Some dating apps use a secret code as their app icon, which only the user knows. This can be a random sequence of letters and numbers, or a code that has a personal meaning to the user.

Generic secret dating app Icon

Some dating apps use a generic app icon, such as a white or grey square, to avoid detection. This can make it difficult for someone to determine the purpose of the app just by looking at the icon.

How to use secret dating app icons

To use secret dating app icons, users typically need to access the app settings or options menu to activate them. The specific steps will vary depending on the app, but generally involve selecting a discreet icon or turning on a stealth mode option.

It is worth noting that using secret dating app icons can be a controversial topic. While they can help users maintain privacy, they can also be seen as a sign of dishonesty or infidelity. Additionally, if someone is using secret dating app icons to hide their activities from their partner, this could be a red flag for the health of their relationship. It is important for individuals to have open and honest communication with their partners about their dating habits, and to respect each other's boundaries and privacy.