Foil balloons are made of thin lavsan film coated with a layer of metal and paint.


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They consist of two identical pieces of lavsan of a certain shape, connected by heat-welding seam.

Foiled balloons are inflated through the neck of the balloon, which contains a check valve that prevents the escape of the gas pumped into the balloon. A string is tied to the balloon only to prevent the balloon from flying away.


  • Store balloons in plastic bags in closed cardboard boxes. The bags should not be hermetically sealed, but should have holes for ventilation (balloons need to breathe).
  • When storing, avoid both cooling below 0 and heating above 25C°. The optimum temperature is 10 - 20 ° C.
  • Keep the balls in a dry and ventilated room.

Foil balloons

The same applies to foil balloons. Do not forget that foil balloons are afraid of moisture, so the humidity should be held more strictly.

Do not allow the contact of balloons with the floor! Let this rule become the norm for you. Even if the floor, in your opinion, is clean, take care that the balloons do not lie on it, in case of an accidental fall - immediately pick it up. Electrifying balls collect small particles of debris and dust on themselves. As they rub against each other, they will work on the balls like sandpaper. It is not necessary that the balls will burst at once.

And one more little secret: if the balls have already decreased in size and begin to fall from the ceiling, and you really want even a little more to please them - cut off the balls and the tails below the knot! The balloon will become lighter and still walk on the ceiling.