Today, more and more often, many of us have a desire to acquire and equip for ourselves a small room where it would be convenient to store everyday things.


What is a dressing room? Free ITIL 4 books
In modern apartments, a dressing room has already been provided and there is only a question of its arrangement.

What is a dressing room? Do you need it? And it doesn't matter at all where the family lives: either in their own house or mansion, or in a 2 or 3 room apartment.

In fact, today a person has stepped up a step in terms of organizing and arranging his living space. Long gone are the days when clothes, shoes and boots were stored, hung or stood in cupboards, dressers and hangers on the walls. And no one at all remembers the chests.

There are quite definite trends and directions in the interior and design of modern housing:

  • striving for space and a sense of space;
  • free planning (and redevelopment) of residential premises;
  • narrow functionality (purpose) of utility rooms.

By creating a dressing room in your apartment, you gain a lot of advantages:

You no longer have to force the apartment with various wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables, etc. If you plan it correctly, then you can store not only your wardrobe in it, but also bed linen, all kinds of suitcases and bags, all this takes up space. With proper storage, clothes wear out significantly less, which means that their service life increases. In modern apartments, a dressing room has already been provided and there is only a question of its arrangement. In old apartments, where such a room is not provided, there is always a room, part of which can be separated by a partition and make your own small dressing room.

Place for a dressing room

In cases when it comes to a house or a cottage, created according to an individual project, everything is simple - this is a separate room with an area of ​​at least 3 m2. A dressing room (see "мебель из дерева" for reference) appears at the project stage, and then it is already equipped. The optimal location in the house is closer to the hallway, bathroom or bedroom.

It is better when there are two dressing rooms: one for outerwear and everyday things closer to the exit, such a dressing room can be a built-in wardrobe, and the other for the rest, rarely used clothes, shoes and hats. The location of the 2nd will already be in the depths of the dwelling. More info on dressing rooms here: